About Tendril

Founded 2020

—   Changing in a changing world

In the middle of a pandemic, our founders needed to sell more with fewer people so they figured out strategies to help their team not only meet but exceed those goals. They discovered that every sales person has far greater potential than they ever imagined, they just need the right support and opportunities to improve. So, they founded Tendril.

Building Global Community

—   Los Angeles, Mexico City, Vancouver

People are at the heart of our business, and we like to keep that heart healthy. Operating out of multiple countries, we provide customized and strategic sales optimization support at an affordable price. We believe in full transparency in all our transactions and treat all of our team members, in every country, fairly and with respect.


Always Growing and Changing.

As the world changes so do we. We use every product we make, never settling and always looking for ways to develop. We customize our services to fit any company regardless of stage. From startups building their first sales team to market leading companies, we provide tailored support that increases revenue and reduces the cost of sales by accelerating the most time-consuming steps in the process.

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