Tendril Connect

Skip the wait, get right to talking.


Your Sales Reps should be Selling

Not wading through gatekeepers, IVR’s or phone trees. Tendril Connect gets your team talking with decision makers faster. 


Flawless call transferring

Once our agents connect with one of your leads you are instantly transferred over, your prospects will never know any different.

Power through Leads

Our team is trained to quickly navigate through the hurdles between you and your lead, connecting you with more decision makers in an hour than the average sales rep reaches in a week.


Positive Community Impact

Our well-trained agents work near the same time zone as you, they are not halfway around the world working at 3am to get you leads. Our agents don’t just feel like part of your team, they are part of your team.

Instant Results

Revolutionize your sales process, exponentially growing your conversion rate and allowing your team to reach new heights. Within the first week you’ll see a noticeable difference in the way your team sells.


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